Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surgery Day

Hi everyone!
Well today is D-day......or should I say B-day, as I'm going to have a double mastectomy today. I have decided to do both sides after much deliberation and vacillation back and forth on this decision. I leave to go to Cedars Sinai today, and I am scheduled for 1pm. Feeling good about my support system, and my Doctors. Dr Giulliano is my breast surgeon and Dr Tiffany Grunwald my plastic surgeon, who will do my reconstruction at the same time. It has been a painful decision, but after some time has passed (and two lovely vacations!) it feels clear to me now that this is the right decision. I had a friend take some fun pictures of my boobs last night, so I feel like I can say good bye to them properly now. They have served me well, been admired by many ; ) and nutritionally nurtured both my beautiful children. So goodbye breasts, hello Dolly Parton!
I will update soon on my post op recovery!
love Tricia


  1. Good luck Trish, very brave, joyful, funny, and I am sure your new breasts will be just as grand as the former version, the main thing is to be healthy and happy and you seem like you have a wonderful life (this aside).

  2. I truly hope your new breasts will help you to recover from your double mastectomy. As you wrote it, hopefully you've already fed your children :)
    I support you even if we don't know each other,